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Listen to Targeted Drifting ⁄ Mother Crater

I recorded and mixed most of this song in 2010 before shelving it. After leaving it unfinished for exactly one month and four years (not an intentional period of time, just how it worked out), I suddenly realised I could finish it easily. It’s not perfect and I don’t like all of it, but it’s probably time to move on.

The annoying drums and whining keyboard in the second half were baked into the original recording from 2010 and could not be removed or improved when I came back to the song this year. How does one take attention away from that? Dub audio from one of the greatest human achievements ever, the Apollo 11 mission, over it.

The title of the second part comes from Buzz (I think) describing almost every crater on the surface of the moon as “one big mother” while in orbit.

You can download this track here: williampjkulich.bandcamp.com

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