Radiohead has purged its entire online presence – social media, website, everything
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Published Monday 2 May 2016 at 4:13am
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Like most Radiohead fans, I have learnt not to read too much into anything the band says or does between releases. But deleting every post from every social media platform and an entire website cannot go without comment; especially when an album is due.

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The band’s social media profile and cover images on Twitter and Facebook were changed to plain white squares about 45 minutes ago, and every post has been deleted or hidden. You could be forgiven for thinking radiohead.com has a server error:

radiohead blank homepage

What’s coming? Maybe another few months of silence. Maybe a new release very soon. Or maybe a VR app called Negative Space. No matter what, one thing the band has already put out is a flyer featuring “BURN THE WITCH” in large print, with the Radiohead bear making an appearance too. Hopefully the only thing burnt, apart from the new CDs, will be the band’s web presence.

UPDATE – 04:21 160502 AEST: Reddit noticed the website fading away gradually over the last few hours: [link].

Comment of the day goes to user Dasmi on this thread, who suggests Radiohead “will do a reverse U2 and remove their music from everyone’s iTunes.”

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