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Like Peter Gabriel’s new track ‘I’m Amazing’? Give these three songs a spin

Music.    Peter Gabriel has released his first new music since 2013, and it sounds pretty… well… Amazing!

Another new Radiohead song? Tell ’em they’re (Day)dreamin’

Link. Music.  Just a couple of days after releasing Burn The Witch, Radiohead has dropped its latest song – Daydreaming.

Radiohead ruins your childhood in Burn The Witch video

Music. News + Features.  After all the fuss – or lack thereof – over the last few days, Radiohead finally dropped Burn The Witch an hour ago.

Google+: the only place to find Radiohead on the web right now?

Music. News + Features.  It seems Radiohead forgot about Google+ when deleting everything it has ever posted on the internet – the band’s one upload remains!

Radiohead has purged its entire online presence – social media, website, everything

Music.  Like most Radiohead fans, I have learnt not to read too much into anything the band says or does between releases. But deleting every post from every social media platform and an entire website cannot go without comment; especially when an … Continue reading

New Animators song unveiled at Tonicfest launch party

Music. Photography.  MINI gigs have flirted with popularity in recent years. The private events are like house parties with the option of ignoring everyone and focusing on the live band crashing in the corner.

Ch-ch-changes: David Bowie completes his latest transformation in ‘Blackstar’

Music.  DAVID Bowie has undergone some ch-ch-changes this decade, and his 25th studio album, Blackstar, is the most comfortable expression of his new sound yet.

Vulvagun’s Wayne Dwyer: building arches

Music. News + Features.  A SUCCESSFUL metal band releasing albums in Europe from a home studio in the quiet regional Victorian town of Neerim South is not something many expect.

Marcia Hines on op shopping, Idol friends, and Russell Crowe

Music. News + Features.  ONE of my favourite interviews for the Warragul & Baw Baw Citizen was with renowned singer/songwriter Marcia Hines in August 2014.

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