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‘The Rich Forks’ exhibition an exposé of those fed with silver spoons

News + Features.  THE FAT cat has long been a derisive representation the über-wealthy and greedy, and a new exhibition will put that food-shovelling image front and centre.

Stunning autumn landscapes by Paul Dolgov

Link.  WHILE Australia heads deeper into Summer, seeing Paul Dolgov’s The Fall Series is a welcome reminder of cooler weather to come… eventually.

Understanding dyslexia through art

News + Features.  FOR artist Rachel Green, life became easier after a dyslexia diagnosis.

Luke Watson: drawing a career

News + Features.  WHEN children draw, few people think they are training for a future career as an artist. But years as “the drawing kid” in his class set Luke Watson up for a successful career as an illustrator.

From Africa to Yarragon

News + Features.  YARRAGON’S Town & Country Gallery is playing host to an exhibition by two artists this month.

Gippsland in six colours

News + Features.  LOIS Brown does not see a need to leave Gippsland to paint – just hours from her Drouin home is the snow Mount Baw Baw, the sea around Wilsons Promontory and the captivating mists of Dargo.

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