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Cartoonists behind April Fools’ Day ‘copied’ comic gag come clean

News + Features.  A drunken (allegedly) evening after a fan convention led to the conception of this year’s “copied” comic April Fools’ Day prank, which saw seemingly every webcomic artist create the exact same cartoon and then claim ownership.

The extremely original way webcomic artists are making fools of us all

News + Features.  It is difficult for a cartoonist to make an April Fools’ Day joke stand out; almost every strip releases at least one, and isn’t making fools of people what most comics do every day? This year however, something truly special has happened.

Find the Panda II – leveraging viral success without boring the fanbase

Blog.  One of the runaway successes of Christmas 2015 was a drawing by Hungarian cartoonist Gergely “Dudolf” Dudás. Challenging followers to spot a panda drawn among a sea of happy snowmen, the image went viral.

Cartoonist nails what President Trump would mean for America

Blog.  Posted by Extra Fabulous Comics on Monday, 4 January 2016 One of my favourite webcomic artists, Extra Fabulous Comics, has summarised what a Donald Trump presidency would mean for the United States of America.

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