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Google+: the only place to find Radiohead on the web right now?

Music. News + Features.  It seems Radiohead forgot about Google+ when deleting everything it has ever posted on the internet – the band’s one upload remains!

Radiohead has purged its entire online presence – social media, website, everything

Music.  Like most Radiohead fans, I have learnt not to read too much into anything the band says or does between releases. But deleting every post from every social media platform and an entire website cannot go without comment; especially when an … Continue reading

Facebook Reactions: now you have to think before hitting Like

Blog.  Facebook has finally released its new Like button, and it’s a much bigger change than Twitter’s controversial Favourite button rebrand.

Mobile Facebook finally looks at home on Android

Blog.  If you are reading this on an Andriod mobile or tablet, there is a good chance your address and notifications bars are a purple-ish colour.

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