By William Kulich

Tom Scott and Matt Gray are shredding YouTube Live comments live on YouTube!

YouTube Live comments printed and shredded live in front of those who wrote them? It’s wasteful, but oddly beautiful.

On the death of Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham’s influence on fashion, society, and photography was huge, and will continue in those he inspired to take their cameras to the streets.

Relax, it's satire
EU to mandate key changes in all music

In a move expected to have a huge impact on the UK’s European Union referendum, the alliance’s arts chiefs have announced plans to make Eurovision-style key changes mandatory in all music.

Like Peter Gabriel’s new track ‘I’m Amazing’? Give these three songs a spin

Peter Gabriel has released his first new music since 2013, and it sounds pretty… well… Amazing!

Another new Radiohead song? Tell ’em they’re (Day)dreamin’

Just a couple of days after releasing Burn The Witch, Radiohead has dropped its latest song – Daydreaming.

Radiohead ruins your childhood in Burn The Witch video

After all the fuss – or lack thereof – over the last few days, Radiohead finally dropped Burn The Witch an hour ago.

Google+: the only place to find Radiohead on the web right now?

It seems Radiohead forgot about Google+ when deleting everything it has ever posted on the internet – the band’s one upload remains!

Radiohead has purged its entire online presence – social media, website, everything

Like most Radiohead fans, I have learnt not to read too much into anything the band says or does between releases. But deleting every post from every social media platform and an entire website cannot go without comment; especially when an […]

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‘The Rich Forks’ exhibition an exposé of those fed with silver spoons

THE FAT cat has long been a derisive representation the über-wealthy and greedy, and a new exhibition will put that food-shovelling image front and centre.

Young punks and autumn funk – Melbourne’s Streets 3 April 2016

Melbourne’s vibrant diversity is especially obvious in its Autumn fashion.

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Cartoonists behind April Fools’ Day ‘copied’ comic gag come clean

A drunken (allegedly) evening after a fan convention led to the conception of this year’s “copied” comic April Fools’ Day prank, which saw seemingly every webcomic artist create the exact same cartoon and then claim ownership.

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The extremely original way webcomic artists are making fools of us all

It is difficult for a cartoonist to make an April Fools’ Day joke stand out; almost every strip releases at least one, and isn’t making fools of people what most comics do every day? This year however, something truly special has happened.

AusPol blog
Don’t pity the preference cheats

Standing outside a polling booth on a freezing federal election morning in 2010, I met a campaigner for the Carers Alliance. He had been at the booth since doors opened and would stay until they closed at 6pm, handing out […]