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Don’t pity the preference cheats

Standing outside a polling booth on a freezing federal election morning in 2010, I met a campaigner for the Carers Alliance. He had been at the booth since doors opened and would stay until they closed at 6pm, handing out […]

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Here’s what Richard Di Natale actually said about a Greens/Liberal alliance

This is a quick post in response to the pretty stellar misquotes of Greens leader Richard Di Natale doing the rounds today.

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Not the Onion: Border Force defends Adolf Hitler

When trying to convince the public you are not harming children, most would agree it’s best not to defend Hitler.

Blocked by Nauru? Country’s wild Twitter account is crisis PR gone bad

Australian and New Zealand tourists heading for Nauru yesterday found their visas had been cancelled, but that is not the only kind of visitation the island nation has blocked.

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Murdoch ruins the NBN, complains about slow internet

It has long been suggested Rupert Murdoch wants Australia’s National Broadband Network dead. Now his video streaming service, Presto, needs it well and truly alive.

Floods remind us climate change, not migration, is our biggest threat

Devastating floods in the United Kingdom have pushed thousands from their homes in a blunt reminder of what the real top threat to society is. 

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It’s time to ‘junk’ Maurice Newman

Maurice Newman, the junked business advisor to junked prime minister Tony Abbott, grabbed headlines today for describing climate change evidence as “junk science.”

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Elect who you want ‘cause a pirate is free

Glen James Takkenberg is a pirate… and he’s throwing a party!