Floods remind us climate change, not migration, is our biggest threat
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Published Wednesday 30 December 2015 at 6:19am
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Devastating floods in the United Kingdom have pushed thousands from their homes in a blunt reminder of what the real top threat to society is. 

Above: “Storm Frank” approaches the UK. Source: NASA.

It is not what the UK and Australian governments would have us think. Global terrorism is often touted as the number one threat to people and society, with refugees a popular punching bag for race haters. But so long as we are not entering wars we have no part in there is no real threat in migration. (And even then, “home grown” terrorism is big part of the small problem.)

At the bottom of the priorities list is the environment, but changes to that are the biggest threat to life and how we enjoy it.

It is morbidly amusing that the Conservatives and UKIP argue immigrants will make the UK unliveable while spruiking climate policies which will make the country, and the world, a sea of disaster zones. The recent storms in the country highlight what is to come for the western audience. (Island nations have been staring down the barrel of global climatic change for decades.)

When was the last time a refugee flooded Yorkshire? Never. It’s not the refugees increasing fire risks, calling into question rural lifestyles, here in Australia either.

Parts of the UK are squelching through their wettest December on record, and climate patterns will continue to be thrown out of whack as global temperature averages climb.

There is a time and a place for governments to address small terror threats, but at the moment the money spent on almost unilateral wars far, far away would be better spent transitioning our economy to one of renewables.

Cutting the legs from human accelerated climate change will save more Australian lives than it takes, that’s for sure. Bombing the Middle East will not.

Related reading: the north pole is expected to warm to up to “near freezing” temperatures this week. This is winter.

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