By William Kulich

New Animators song unveiled at Tonicfest launch party

MINI gigs have flirted with popularity in recent years. The private events are like house parties with the option of ignoring everyone and focusing on the live band crashing in the corner.

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Here’s what Richard Di Natale actually said about a Greens/Liberal alliance

This is a quick post in response to the pretty stellar misquotes of Greens leader Richard Di Natale doing the rounds today.

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Not the Onion: Border Force defends Adolf Hitler

When trying to convince the public you are not harming children, most would agree it’s best not to defend Hitler.

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V/Line back on track: date set for return of 43 services

THERE is a light at the end of the tunnel for frustrated V/Line commuters with confirmation a further 43 rail services will be restored later this month.

Facebook Reactions: now you have to think before hitting Like

Facebook has finally released its new Like button, and it’s a much bigger change than Twitter’s controversial Favourite button rebrand.

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This is what sunrise looks like from the International Space Station

Morning sunrise from the International Space Station, taken with the 800mm lens Posted by Tim Peake on Monday, 22 February 2016 Have you ever wondered what sunrise looks like from low Earth orbit? Tim Peake has you covered.

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Virgin Galactic will unveil SpaceShipTwo ‘very soon’

Virgin Galactic will unveil its imaginatively named SpaceShipTwo craft “very soon.”

Blocked by Nauru? Country’s wild Twitter account is crisis PR gone bad

Australian and New Zealand tourists heading for Nauru yesterday found their visas had been cancelled, but that is not the only kind of visitation the island nation has blocked.

Mobile Facebook finally looks at home on Android

If you are reading this on an Andriod mobile or tablet, there is a good chance your address and notifications bars are a purple-ish colour.

Metro derailment: what goes around runs aground

Handing Melbourne’s metropolitan network over to cost-cutting, profit-seeking private companies has led to incredibly poor track and train maintenance.

With the UN set to back Assange, will the Australian government finally defend its citizen?

THE AUSTRALIAN government’s limp response to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s plight in Europe is the David Hicks case all over again. Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop now have the chance to end the similarities.

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Julian Assange will leave the Ecuadorian embassy soon, but to what end?

WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange has announced he expects to leave the Ecuadorian embassy, either into the hands of British police or as a free man.

Must watch: a funny nine minute history of Japan

Not your average history lesson.