Google+: the only place to find Radiohead on the web right now?
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Published Monday 2 May 2016 at 4:52am
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It seems Radiohead forgot about Google+ when deleting everything it has ever posted on the internet – the band’s one upload remains!

Google+ flirted with success about half a decade ago when rival Facebook’s chat feature rarely worked and private messages occasionally appeared on timelines. But that success was short-lived (under a week in my friends group) and the platform has changed pitch a few times since.

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Radiohead has a verified Google+ page. Unlike its Facebook, Twitter, and web pages which at the moment have no posts and white boxes as profile and cover photos, the Radiohead G+ account still has its King of Limbs branding and one post – a photo from 2012. The others have not been deleted; the band simply never put anything else up.

You can check the page out here. It is possibly the only Radiohead publication left on the internet right now.

UPDATE (05:00 AEST 2 May 2016): Radiohead on G+ is now dead, long live Radiohead on G+.

radiohead google plus full

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